Meet the Equuest Team

Our team is a bunch of horse enthusiasts with a shared love for games 🐴🎮! We've been playing horse games for over a decade, exploring different titles and immersing ourselves in the virtual world of equestrian sports. Each member of our team has unique skills and expertise, but we all have a deep love for horses and gaming that brings us together.

Every one of our experienced development and art team members bring a wealth of knowledge and skills to the project. Together, we're excited to take our passion for horses and gaming to the next level by creating an innovative new horse game.

Our goal is to combine the best elements of classic equestrian games with fresh and exciting new gameplay. We want to create a game that captures the thrill and excitement of working with horses and competing in equestrian sports. We're confident that with our skills, experience, and passion, we can make this dream a reality.

🤞 Stay tuned for updates on our progress, and get ready to saddle up for an unforgettable ride!

Creative Writing Team



Quest Writing

Hi everyone! I'm Arbiter, though a few of you may know me better as Emma or Emam in Discord!

I am an OG HI1 player, Chestnut since 09! I am a lover of many games, including Genshin Impact, Honkai Star Rail, and Hades! When I'm not focusing on this wonderful game, I'm a mom to three adorable little cats (Oliver, Astrid and Beau), and one perfect GSD (Freya).

It is a pleasure to be able to contribute to this game alongside a group of incredibly talented people!! I will be doing a lil art here and there to bring faces to some characters and working hard to bring quests to life! If you see me in the game or around the server, please say hi!

Art and Animations Team



Map Making

Hello! My name is Elenvalta or Alison.

I'm an illustrator and concept artist, and in Equuest I will be the person bringing your terrains, islands and map to life through art! (With help from Mattie's incredible coding skills for our map builder of course!) I grew up surrounded by horses in the very state the terrain of this game is based upon, Nevada, and am so thrilled that I can use my knowledge of my home to personally help bring this map to life.

Outside of the internet, I am a dressage rider and instructor, and studied biochemistry and biotechnology with a focus on genetic engineering and research. I'm a huge nerd and enjoy a variety of things from novels like Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones and Dune, to video games such as Destiny 2, Overwatch and Elden Ring.

I'm thrilled to be here and can't wait to meet you all in Equuest! 💖



Horse Breeds Art/Team Leader

I'm Ender! I spent most of my childhood playing Horseisle and OG Horseland, as well as Equiverse. I shoved myself into the digital art community at a very young age and I'm still goin'.

I spent many years as the manager and head trainer of an AQHA/APHA breeding and training facility. I found a passion for horse genetics along the way, and I'm always down to chat about color genes. I downsized my horse life and currently have one horse, a 2021 AQHA/APHA gelding 'Fortune Tela', better known as Tarot. I'm also dog mom to four sewer rats - Trico, Sakura, Dixon, and Ocoee.

I am so honored to be on this team and making this game a reality. Everyone working on Equuest is amazing and dedicated to making this perfect. I can't wait for everyone to see what we have cookin' up ❤️



Biomes & Greyscales

Heyo! My name is Gelato, or Jane. I've been playing horseisle since 2007. I grew up playing neopets, OG horseland, howrse, horseisle and horse eden eventing etc! Plus lots of horsey games on PS2. I have streamed casually on/off (mostly off lol) on twitch playing games like fortnite, OW/OW2 etc.

I've been doing artwork since before I can remember and have only recently gotten more into digital art. I'm thrilled to be working with the team and to be helping bring everyone's dreams to fruition ❤️



Pixel Art

Hi! My name’s Kermit and I’m a 23 year old MA heritage studies student (I like old things lol) Like Shoe, I too grew up in the age of the digital horse/animal games, playing online with friends on Horse Isle and Howrse, among others, but also in the fantasy equine world, which is where I learnt how to pixel!

When I’m not working on heritage projects or pixelling, you can find me hanging out with my Cocker Spaniel, Hugo. I’m also really into my books & writing stories!!

I’m excited to be working on such a cool project and I hope I live up to the standards set by the other amazing artists!💚



Sprite Maker

Hey all! My name is Isobel, though most of you know me better as Bet! I’m a WA based comp sci student with a focus on game development. I spent some time working on science-based games for schools and museums, but nowadays I’m working as a moderator! I’m a pup-mom to a hectic English Shepherd, Cricket.

I’ve been playing Horse Isle since ‘07, my other main game being Old School Runescape. I am SO excited to be a part of the Equuest team! You’ll find me working on the moderation side to create a safe and inclusive environment for all players, and delving into some art to bring playable characters to life!



Pixel Art/Town Design

Hi! I'm Mocha, I'm a 23 year old working mom with a passion for art and animals. I am a reptile keeper, aquarist, tarantula keeper, rat fan and a dog 'mom'.

I grew up playing games like Zoo Tycoon, Horse Isle, The Sims, Howrse and so many others, and when I was given the opportunity to be a part of this project I had to take it!

I'm overly excited for this game, and cannot wait to see our player base grow as we expand and update in the future. Our team is a fantastic one to work with and I couldn't be prouder to be a part of this with this group of ladies 🩵



Biomes & Backgrounds

Hi all I’m Laura, but many of you may know me by Simile/Sim. I have played almost every single horse game out there and started playing HI games in elementary school. I’ve always wanted to help create art for games and I’m so excited that I’ve finally gotten my chance to work on this game!

Most of the time you can find me trying to get people to jump into my black hole for crocheting. I have done it most of my life and is one of my favorite hobbies. I have also knitted, done drawings, painted (acrylic) and probably every other art hobby out there. At home I have 1 dog, 2 cats, 2 ball pythons, a betta and 75 gallon fish tank, an elderly hedgehog, 2 budgies (Mothmam & Sasquatch), and an umbrella cockatoo named Ruthie Bader Ginsbird.
I am always willing to lend a hand, and I will never not want to talk about Art and my birds. And to all of my stressed, depressed and totally a mess friends; Tomorrow needs you

Development Team



UX/UI Design

Howdy ☃️ I am Sara, born 1997 and been a gamer since I could hold a controller. Been riding horses for just about the same. Started playing Horseisle in 2007, and been a huge fan of indie, horror, playthrough and fps games. You'll find me grinding out thousands of hours on games and remaining absolutely mediocre.

Thankfully that's not my full time job, but you CAN find me doing UX/UI design work! User experience and creating the most enjoyable and efficient apps and websites is what gets my heart going. I also have been working as an assistant horse trainer in hunter jumpers for an "A" rated barn and do lots of traveling to shows all over the west coast.

Please feel free to reach out to me and express concerns, dreams, or ways we can improve your experiences. Our dev team is so excited to bring all our horse game dreams to reality and do it well. 💖




Greetings! I’m Mattie, a 30-something-ish year old coder. I’m pretty new to the equestrian gaming world, and I have to say the sense of community is one of the strongest I’ve seen!

IRL, I’ve only been around horses for a couple years when I lived on a ranch. Those were some great times, where I could code via satellite internet and hang out with everyone and all our animals. My one and only horse was an appaloosa, Cookie – she was an old girl who’s company I really enjoyed. Once, I did get bucked off another horse I was borrowing when a sudden dust storm popped up out of nowhere... but that’s a whole story for another time! Shout out to my lovely Kitten (she’s getting to be an old girl now too!)

I hope you soon enjoy exploring our new world. Don’t forget to /wave at me if you see me wandering around!



Horse Breed Research

Hey! It's your resident buddy-chat lurker who rarely speaks, Spud/Emily.

I'm absolutely pumped to be working on this project! I've been playing a variety of online horse games since 2007, and made a happy return to HI during Covid to reconnect with my old friends.

I have a senior bunny named Meeko, a retired rescue-pony name Spudnick, and a lovely fiancé that I'll be eloping with to get hitched in May! 🥳 I'm an almost 30 year old elementary school teacher by day, and a chronically tired nature lover by weekends and nights!

I've recently had to take a step away from the horse world for the first time in 21 years to get settled into my career, but the good news is that that gives me time to help get this fantastic game off the ground! I know y'all will absolutely love it 💞



Project Coordinator

Heyyo! It's your (not-so) smelly favorite Shoe! I have always loved playing various horse games growing up, such as HorseIsle and HorseLand. When the opportunity knocked, I took it!

I'm currently in grad school working to become a therapist. I also work at an Equine Therapy program targeting mental health and teach coping skills.

I own a horse and half-lease another - both are used in the therapy program. I am also a HUGE Nancy Drew game and actually in one of their games.

I hope y'all enjoy this game as we have an amazing crew working on it and I feel so honored to have them as my team. Stay well my friends!

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